Quantifiable, Measurable, Racial Justice for Christian Community. 

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What is the Collective?

What’s Emmaus collective? Its a map of our online directory of churches that are on the way to, or working on, dismantling white supremacy in their church culture. We are not saying they are done or totally safe, we are saying these are churches who are naming and claiming they that are doing the work. We offer Christian communities a starting point, and accountability to creating and sustaining anti-racist spaces. Dismantling white supremacy and the constructs of "whiteness" is a life long journey so we offer accompaniment on that road.  


Get Involved

We are looking for pilot churches for our Spring-Summer 2019 launch. This is what we need from you. 

Thinking of joining Emmaus Collective? Here is an idea of what we will need from our pilot churches.

1. To join the collective, a congregation or Synod’s (or other governing body) entire staff and leadership team must attend anti-racism training. For a congregation, the additional requirement of whatever percentage of members required constitutionally for a congregational vote or an annual meeting must attend anti-racism training.
2. Once they are part of the collective they must do one racial justice, anti-racism action, or direct action in the surrounding community annually. Example: working with The Poor People’s Campaign.
3. Every 3-5 years the congregation or Synod must do anti-racism training again.
4. It costs 1/10 of 1% of the annual budget annually to be a member of the collective.
5. We will eventually provide cohorts for leaders guiding congregations through the process
6. We will provide a constructive homiletical language to dismantle white supremacy with coaching and curriculum by the end of 2019.

If you still want to be a pilot community click the contact us page. 


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Help us create an accountable network of churches living out the gospel by dismantling racism in our communities and then the world. 

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